Why the community loves social media

It is no secret that the community loves social media. Even parents who used to be after their children at one point to get rid of their social media addiction, are now constantly hooked onto their phones. There definitely has to be a strong reason behind this. Keep reading ahead to find out the reasons.
1. Get in touch with old friends: I am sure that we all have a kindergarten friend who we used to be very close to but when we changed school or the city, we totally lost out on each other. Back in the good old days, we did not have such fancy phones to save numbers. But social media has totally changed that now. We can easily search for our long-lost friends and get in touch to rekindle the friendship that was once our most priced possession.
2. Instant connection with distant relatives: Let’s face it that not all of us like talking to relatives over the phone. Their questions annoy us and the mostly call to wish on birthday and anniversaries or ask about results that are coming up. Thus, the best way is to just add them on social media and let them be. This way you get to know about each other’s activities as well as not talk too much.
3. Means of publicity: A lot of top companies use social networking sites for marketing. This means that all they need to do is make a page for free and then they can post all about their business. This way, they get to share all details about their upcoming offers and deals as well as opening of outlets.
4. Get to know all news: Lastly, news channels also have their social media pages and you can get news instantly at your fingertips without having to download too many applications or switch on the television.

This are some of the reasons as to why the community loves social media.