Why do social media need to change?

Social media is a two-way communication channel which builds the relationship between two individuals. When we talk about social media our mind straight away thinks of Facebook and Twitter. But it is not enough as people only make use of some websites and that does not make optimum use of social media. Although social media is a good development it needs advancement in its technologies for the future.

The Internet is a decentralized network which means it is the safest network. Social media needs to be changed because it is not the safest mode of the Internet. As scams and frauds take place through this social media only. If social media wants to reach great heights it needs to improve its security systems. Companies keep a record of users data and in actual which is a personal data and should only be with the user. Users have a little control over their personal data. As through social media, too much user activities are revealed and the personal life turns out to be a social life. For example- the Bollywood stars don’t have their personal lives as whatever and wherever they go it becomes the top headline in newspapers and social sites.

The personal data is no safer on these social media websites and hence this is the reason why social media needs to change? Because a person should have full control over his or her personal data. Social media is in two forms and that is centralized and decentralized. In the centralized form user’s personal data is with a company and is not at all safe. And in decentralized form user’s personal data is with the user itself with a trusted server. Be social but be careful.