Why social media is being used?

Social media the term is small but has a vast explanation and one can have many examples on it. Ranging from radio, television to newspapers it provides every kind of information. Social media emerged firstly when the invention of newspaper took place. But it started from printed form and than shifted to electronic form. There can be thousand definitions of social media. Now the world is growing with a fast pace. Every time there is a new updated version of various social networks like Instagram, google, snapchat and many more.
Social media is basically an internet based communication and media sharing information. A specific information is spread at a huge international level. One does not need to wait for the printed newspaper for the information. It is available on internet as well as television. You must be thinking why to use social media? But the answer can be found in the above lines because it can provide you any information within seconds.
Communication tools are most popular on social websites like including blogs which can be written on WordPress and Blogger. LinkedIn for finding a good job, Facebook for communication purpose and many other media websites. For example- one can upload their videos on YouTube to get popularity on social media. Amazon is the biggest online shopping websites which offers various deals and also there are many more shopping websites for the convenience. Social media also helps businesses to expand and grow at international level. There can be many reasons that why to use social media. But it is up to the user hoe to make better use of it and also be aware of scams and frauds on online websites.
Variety of games are available for kids on social platform. Solution to every problem is social media. But you should use it wisely as not all media websites are safe to use. Social media will increase its popularity more in coming years.