What is difference between traditional job and social media job

With social media companies are turning to online communities and platforms to hire candidates quickly and easily. Social media job has an advantage over traditional job as one company has hundred of resumes of applicants. Social media job is transparent, where only the best ones are required.
How social media job has taken over traditional jobs
Digitally, Making human resources human again
Ability to connect with top talent
Leads better connections more faster
Make your job openings go viral
Helps to know more about the candidate rather than what is on paper
Discovering candidate who is searching a job and is all set to be discovered by companies
Now public is turning to more non traditional means such as Internet, to get employed. We can find that 43% of the job seekers found job through online system. People are walking towards social media to get recruited. They can apply for job by simply sitting at home and no need to wait for your turn during an interview. Social media is a best platform whether for finding a job or building connections with people. Social media can only take you so far in your job search and career. To get the most output from social media try to use its applications for achieving your end goals.
For example- LinkedIn is a best social platform for finding jobs which are of your field. You get connected to members who are search in job or want to hire you. This can build your image socially. Your connections are a reflection of you. So choose people only whom you respect and ignore others. It helps you to be an expert in your field.