Television as a medium of social media

Television is one of the mediums of social media getting wide popularity. Near about in every house there is a television. From kids to adults everyone likes watching television. Different age group people have different choices while watching a show on TV. For kids they love to watch cartoon shows, for teenagers they like to watch Hollywood movies or some adventures or love shows for adults they like to watch daily soaps. Everyone has their own choice according to which shows are broadcasted on a particular channel. Not all the channels are popular except few ones like MTV.

MTV is an American television channel and it is most popular amongst teenagers. It stands for youth, music and also for adventure. It comprises of weekly shows and hence gains a wide popularity amongst youth. Social media and television are linked with each other because its social media playing the key role. Now MTV is a multi billion pound brand. It is television channel although but it has been going down because youth is more attracted to watch shows online rather than TV. MTV and social media are one of the same things because television is a part of social media. One can also watch these shows by downloading them on their phones, tablets or laptops. Technology is advanced and so the generation also.

Music videos or movie trailers are also promoted through various channels. The cost of the advertisement depends upon the channel it is being broadcasted and also its time duration. MTV is also regarded as spoiled child television channel in the advertising market. It has changed the culture of youth and living habits and styles. As what someone sees the same that person adapts. MTV made many artists popular by showcasing their songs. Infact it can be said that without a strong youth, MTV would have known very little. It is the youth who contributed in rise of this channel. For every channel, the success depends upon the interest of the advertisers.