Why social media is yet to reach its prime?
The world is almost depended on social media for all kinds of works whether for students their academic work, for companies their business work and other. Social media is to the society in every field we can see that without social media a person can not spend a day. It is very difficult to imagine a day without social media. Social media sites like Snapchat, google, Pinterest are popular these days. Television, newspapers, radio are medium of social media to give various information around the world from one place to many places.
What is social media?
Social media is a communication channel between two persons or more through online system. But social media is much more to go in coming years. It will be on top notch by people in every filed. Advancement and technologies are widely pushed in India whether it would be in science field or whether it is about social media. Social media has changed the way of thinking as people follow trends by buying clothes online. But it does not mean that we should always see a positive side of everything. It has a negative impact on the society too.
Like children depends on social websites for their academic work because they can find answers online very easily. And they are not in a habit of learning things which lacks their confidence level. Regarded as the most reliable technology, social media is yet to reach its prime. It is developing day by day and will reach heights in coming few years. Things like blogging, vlogging are part of social media. Social media is connected to us on daily basis. Some people post their day to day stories and are so addicted to social media. But everything should be used in a limit whether it social media.