Social media when used for Vlogging

As blogging is part of social media. But earlier they were two different things. But now blogging is done through social media websites. So both of them complement each other. Blogging is form of written content in form of ideas, thoughts and experiences. The term blogging is common and almost everyone is well aware of this term. Social media is both a boon and a bane because everything has negative and positive impacts. From past to present social media has attracted the whole world towards it. And no one can imagine their life without these social websites.
YouTube is a video sharing and uploading websites where millions of videos, songs and movies are posted. If you want to upload your video you can create a page of your own on the YouTube channel and upload your video. Vlogging through social media is easy and creates more followings for the person uploading the video. The new commercial advertisement are shown at the top of the YouTube channel. Now people make videos and post over YouTube to get popularity on Internet.
If you want to grow your YouTube channel presence on social media is must for a vlogger. You should always reply to the comments from those who enjoy watching your vlogs. Every social media site makes changes and brings up new updated versions with new features. Video blogging can be a great opportunity to express your creativity and drive more traffic to your website. Many people have vlogging as their hobby which makes them money too. Same as blogging, vlogging also includes sharing information and experiences. This can lead to a great followers team for your account.
Vlogging took place through launch of YouTube as it was a free video searchable hosting platform available for everyone. Now snapchat users upload their daily basis stories which is a form of Vlogging. This mobile phones development carrying a camera gave a new stage to vloggers.