Social media v/s orthodox marketing

As you may already know, marketing is the pivot of every business. The primary motive behind marketing is to get people interested in your items and services. The moment they feel curious, they will try it out. And if you ensure that you provide the best quality and service from your end, then nothing can take away your base of loyal clients. Initially, only orthodox means of marketing such as the television, the radio and the newspaper were sued. But recently, the whole world just went online and that led to the emergence of social media marketing as well. Now, it has come to such a state and situation that social media marketing is very important and every company has a special team who are professionally trained for digital marketing. Read ahead to find who win the deadly battle of social media v/s orthodox marketing.
1. Pocket-friendly: the first rule of business is to be able to make maximum profit with least input or investment. Thus, in terms of this, social media marketing is a clear winner. Though you may argue that you will have to pay bloggers and other websites for paid promotions, you must know that a website of a social media page is either free or a one-time investment and you are bound to get results.
2. New technology: When we consider new technology, digital marketing wins once again because it is the latest in the sector. You can also employ a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) who will help you to promote your work to the maximum.
3. Traffic from the masses: In terms of traffic, the means of marketing depends on the target audience. While the youngsters are more hooked on to social media, the elderly prefer the tv while an economically backward society may still witness maximum newspaper readers.
Now that you know the key pros and cons of both social media marketing as well orthodox and traditional means of marketing, you can easily decide which one suits your needs the most.