Social media is overtaking newspapers

Newspapers were first published in countries like Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. The invention of paper and printing machine led to invention of newspapers. Newspapers are basically printed and published for providing information of public interest, advertisements and views. This newspaper are form of print media which comes under Journalism.

Today also people like to read newspapers as printed form is the best and reliable. Social media is replacing print media, but if we go in past traditional marketing was the only source to spread information. Reading newspapers and magazines, listening to radio are part of traditional media. If we compare newspapers vs social media, social media will take a lead because of modern era.

Newspapers consists of different sections with different news and basically variety of information. The marketing world has changed due to social media which is playing an important role in development. You can make a long story short with this social media. Marketing is more effective, strategic and cheap due to social media. Social media is less expensive than traditional media and reaches the same number of people. Social media is fast and quick in comparison with traditional media.

Social media saves time and money and provides variety of information. For teenagers and adults social media is a boon , but old age people still rely on newspapers to get information. Switching from traditional media to social media can be beneficial for businesses because they can reach and target more audience. Social media helps in building brand image.