Social media has changed the lives

Social media has not only become key part of our modern lifestyle but also is helping marketing channels for businesses. If we look back we can get to know that we were not having any kind of facilities regarding communication except post al system which took days reaching from one place to another. But now social media has made it easy one can communicate to a person from one country to another. There can be both advantages and disadvantages of how social media is changing our lives day by day.
Advantages of using social media
Social media gives us an immediate access to any kind of information
Pervasive connectivity to others with help of mobile phones and various websites
We can communicate on a global level just by logging in to our account
Hashtags serving an important purpose
An addiction to selfies, wherever people go they just click selfies of them
Bad impact on mindsets of children and kids.
Unwanted stuff is posted sometimes which is not relevant
But it is true that rise of social media has changed our lives and we can access any information around the world. It has broken the barriers of communication and today we can reach anyone with the help of our phones. Also now the option of voice mail is available so that you can leave your message for that person. A person can tell his story with the help of social media. You can share your opinions in front of millions of people. So get the right use of social media because if you are using it in a wrong way you can be harmed. As nit every social media website is safe frauds and scams are part of social media too. So, be aware of them and use it in a wise manner.