Social media a solution to a majority of our problems

When someone says social media, the words that strike our mind are- Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter but the truth is social media is much more than that. LinkedIn where job seekers and employee seekers come together to fulfill each other’s needs, also comes under social media. WordPress and Pinterest where people from everywhere showcase their work regarding writing and photographs and drawings also is a part of social media. Social media is a solution to most of our problems because something that is difficult or expensive to do in the tangible world is pretty easy to do on social media.

What is social media used for?

Social media is said to be a solution for most our problems because it can do the following things-

  • People can inform whoever they want to about the change in their plans or where they are going in a very less amount of time as compared to calling everyone.

  • News can be broadcasted to a lot of people at once

  • Live telecasts can be viewed

  • Marketing and advertising is free on Facebook and other channels and can be done without paying a penny to anyone

  • People find it easier to express when on social media.

  • Talents can be showcased free of cost on platforms like YouTube and Instagram where gaining popularity has become a lot easy than earlier methods of going to the agent.

  • Jobs can be searched and posted for free of cost and applied to on sites like LinkedIn, Internshala, Letsintern and more.

  • People staying away from each other can communicate easily and without any extra costs on call and video calls.

Social media is a treasure mine for people who know how to take advantage of it. Anything and everything can be done on it easily and without much hassle.