Social media a community

Almost all the people we know are of some social media platform. This can be any social networking application or site that exists at present and enjoys traffic. In fact, apart from the leading sites as well, there are there are other alternatives that are made specifically for people who wish to share some travel experience or their poems and articles. Social media is nothing less than a community. This is because of a number of reasons.

  1. You support one another: The most important feature of a community is support extended towards one another in times of need. Now, you must have come across a number of campaigns or trending hashtags online. This is where people join in and stand by one another through thick and thin through promoting what is right. They unite against all evil.
  2. You share views: Your social media handle is a place where you can share views. This can be your views about a new restaurant you just visited or your thoughts and take on a movie that you just watched. This is also a means through which you also provide valuable and honest feedback about a product or service you got to use.
  3. You celebrate everything together: Lastly, you celebrate all festivities and victories together because you get to post pictures and status updated. Though the world is divided by politics and man-made barriers in the name countries, social media lets you become a large family.

This is why, it can easily be said that social media is a community which is growing each and every day.