Relation between social media and podcast

The value of social media in today’s world cannot be declined. We all are interested in building our relation with new people through Internet. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter helps in building relationships. Podcast in itself is not a part of social media as it is a software application found in apple devices. Podcast word is derived from two words “iPod” and “broadcast”. Social media is a medium or platform that puts a two-way communication channel to build relationship between two people.

There are categories like bookmarking and content curation, social networks, media sharing, online shopping which is known to less people because the people are more connected to Facebook and Twitter. Through this article we can say that podcast and social media are two different aspects. But it has a little connection because the episodes are although shown on podcast but the comments are supposed to be post on Facebook and Twitter. So , by this you might have got answer to the question that how are podcasts and social media related?

To this we can see that podcast media is creative as it gets popularity through social media platforms also. But social media websites already have both audio and video on many websites. Podcasting is a form of new media. But in actual podcasting is nothing more than audio blogging. You can download and watch the episode later as no time schedule is required on podcasts.