Misuse of social media

Social media is one of the most revolutionary invention of man. It has been able to bridge gaps and connect people who are sitting miles apart or even in totally different directions on the globe. The power of social media is such that it can make as well as break things. There have also been innumerable instances when social media has been misused. Keep reading ahead to know more.

  1. Political wars: Political is a topic that is very sensitive in every country. However, the social media has been a medium through which is has been messed with. This is because in case of social media platforms, people are seated behind a phone screen or a laptop screen. Thus, they feel that they can easily post anything and get away with it. The same tactic has been employed by political parties in the past in order to degrade the image and reputation of their opponents. In fact, recently, social media was also in news because it was said that it had been a major influencing factor in the election of several world leaders.
  2. Religious miscommunication: Religion is another sensitive issue. One wrong statement is like a spark which can actually lead to a huge forest fire. The same thing has happened through social media when people were misquoted for their comments on religion.
  3. Illegitimate use of photographs: Everyone posts their photographs on social media. But, you need to be careful. This is because there have been a number of incidents when pictures were taken from profiles and used without the permission of the owners. The stolen snaps are used for cheap memes and also promoting unethical matter.
  4. Traps for the innocent: Last but not the least, innocent victims are trapped on social media in the name of love, friendship and employment opportunities. Thus, you must never trust anyone you just met online.

Though social media has been very useful, it cannot be overlooked that there are a number of ways in which social media has been misused.