Is Podcasting a part of social media or not

First one should know what is a podcast to understand the relation between social media and podcast. Podcast word is borrowed from apple because this feature can be found in apple devices. Podcast is a form of audio and video and can be called as Internet Radio. Podcasting provides regular broadcast radio. As a radio channel like FM, Air FM, FM Gold and all such stations are only confined to audio. But podcast gives you the option of video also. Podcasts are on high demand by audience as you can use it according to your time schedule. On podcast you can even download the media and can see it later.
Social media vs podcasting can be defined as when thinking of social media the first thing that clicks your mind is websites like Facebook or YouTube but podcasting is not a part of social media. It is like a website not part of social media. A podcast is not a social media bit a new media or a kind of new channel .interaction between two people is part of social media whether online or offline. A person can leave a comment about a particular episode casted on the podcast and can enter into a conversation having discussion with other listener. It is like a community of individuals who shares the common topic of interest. So ,hence one can have different opinions regarding the same topic.
Apple is amongst lucky brands as new software is detached to its all devices and cannot be found in android devices. MP3 is the most digital audio encoding format. The episodes on a podcast are arranged in series called “more or less podcast”. Because listening radio every week you need to be particular at time because it is broadcasted on particular time slots. Whereas, at podcast you can listen or watch audio or video files at any time. So, you might have got that podcast in itself is not a part of social media.