How you can make use of social media

Before understanding the use of social media one should know, what is social media? The whole world is captured under these two words “social media”. An individual person cannot think to spend a day without social media whether it be a child, teenagers or an adult. Social media is like a drug to which each and every person is addicted. Social media is a channel of communication which builds relation between people from one place to another. Social media has led India to development.
Social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, snapchat increases your followers and friends through online system. One can make as many friends as he wants. From past to present ranging from invention of newspaper led to invention of various websites which has made life easy and interesting. Almost all the world depends upon social media websites to get their work done.
There must be a question in your mind that how to use social media? The answer is not at all complex because each and every person uses social media and it is not a difficult task to use social media. Various uses can be made of social media like:
If someone wants to get a job you can make his profile on LinkedIn which can get you a good job offer.
If you want to share media files you can simply share on social networks like Instagram and Facebook.
Also one can do shopping online as various websites are available fir shopping purpose and one needs not to go to the market. It saves your time and money both.
You can send instant messages to anyone sitting in another country.
Social media has made change in society as well as the mind sets of people. You can get any kind of information on internet from anywhere in the world. These newspapers, radio, television are all part of social media which conveys a single message to billions of people in the world.