How social media has changed over the years

Social media has not only become key part of our modern lifestyle but also is helping marketing channels for businesses. If we look back we can get to know that we were not having any kind of facilities regarding communication except postal services which took days reaching from one place to another. But now social media has changed the lifestyle of people and has made communication easy. Advancement and technologies are widely pushed in India whether it would be in science field or whether it is about social media.
Now we can access any information around the world. Social media has broken the communication barriers and today we can reach anyone with the help of our phones. Also the voice mail option is available now so that you can leave a voice message for the person. A person can tell his story with the help of social media. You can share your opinions in front of millions of people. One can shop online as various websites are available for shopping purposes like Amazon, flipcart, myntra and many more .
Variety of games are available on social sites for kids. Social media is a solution to almost every problem. A business can expand and grow at international level with the help of social media. No one can live without social media even a day. Because it is like a drug and people are addicted to this drug. Social media has changed the way of thinking as people follow latest trends and fashion. Social media is a good medium for blogging purpose. From past to present social media has changed ranging from newspapers to television and radio. But everything should be used in a limit and so the social media also. So, you got to know that how social media has changed over the years.